Spree was purchased as a goose dog from Virginia. She can handle light sheep work as well, but her forté is goose work. She is a relentless and diligent worker and will not willingly give up until the job is done. A strong swimmer, she will go into any body of water after geese to complete the job at hand.


McKenna is still in training, but is showing promise and follows the example of the other dogs to show force in numbers to the geese. She has great speed and is very biddable.


Tova is a red Border Collie of our breeding. She has a coyote like appearance with yellow eyes. She is predatory in her appearance and quite a visual threat to birds, She is eight years old, quite keen and rather focused for goose work. She still has a lot of speed and knows the job best on land.

Lola and Vedda

In memory of Lola and Vedda who started the business for us and without Vedda’s interest in chasing birds at the beach, we may have never started this business. We feel a great loss at their passing.